Friday, January 28, 2011

Not necessary for spinning. (5)

Here's a list of things not necessary for spin class.

1. Camoflauge cargo capri pants.
2. Arm warmers.
3. Hats.
4. Bike gloves.
5. Ipod with headphones.
6. Long sleeved shirts.
7. Blackberry.
8. Puffy coat.
9. Stevie Winwood.
10. Any knowledge whatsoever pertaining to riding bikes.

That is all.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

C'mon, people. (4)

To the guy running down the middle of the road this morning (and by morning I mean 0615 am), yeah, I know your running shoes have a tiny swatch of reflective material on the heel. But you are running down the middle of the road. In the dark. Wearing dark clothes. Survival of the fittest doesn't always refer to an animal's ability to run fast; you also have to be smart enough to run somewhere where cars aren't competing for space. Like...a sidewalk?

To the girl in the locker room wearing tweed pants, a striped shirt and a flowery sweater: No.

C'mon, people. Get it together. I'm not even cranky! These people are just stupid, and I just thought I would share.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm not dead yet. (3)

This weekend was super fun. It started with Friday morning's 0645 am run in the cold, blustery wind. Saturday was the 2nd Off Season Tri, the "I don't really need to be able to walk on Sunday" edition: 2 solid hours of spin/run/strength work. As a prep for that Janie made me meet her at the pool for a short swim beforehand, because, you know, why sleep in if you can get up early and swim at the Y? Sunday was 3 hour spin. I got home from that, showered, ate, and settled in to catch up on tivo. I woke up around 5pm. I think I can safely classify this weekend under Total Destruction.

Rob emailed this morning to ask how I was feeling. I sent him a youtube clip from Monty Python.

I'm not dead yet! I think I'll go for a walk! I feel happy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Runny nose. (2)

Morning run. Miles: About 7. Temperature: 33. Wind: A rather lot. Complaining: quite a bit. Runny noses: 2. Isn't it always better with a friend?

Monday, January 10, 2011

blogFAIL (1)

I'm on a blog! I'm learning how to blog! I'm a blogger! If you say blog a lot of times doesn't turn into the strangest word? Blog. Ugh. Now I hate that word. I won't say it again.

Over the past several days I've come up with and promptly forgotten somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 brilliant ideas to write about. And I'm rounding DOWN. That was my problem last week. Lack of follow through = blogFAIL # 1.

This weekend it was my inability to figure out where this website was and how to log in. (Is this thing on? Hello?) Ignorance = blogFAIL # 2.

After a plea for help, I was saved tonight with log in information by not just one but two of my teammates. Yeah, that's right. I'm calling them teammates. Even though we aren't doing the same race, don't always train together, or even have similar training plans for that matter. But teammates cheer other teammates on, and help them out when they are dumb or lazy (Ahem) and generally offer support when called on. So. Thank you in advance, girls.

I'm going to hold the 700 brilliant ideas I have for future posts. One of the stories involves a high five and a snowy run. Shut up! I know! It's a great story! But, baby steps, people. Baby steps. After all, the journey to a blog with 140 (point 6) posts starts with a single post. Voila!