Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IM Training Casualty #2: Get a book or something

My foot had been bothering me for exactly 9 days before I saw the doctor. I thought it was going to go away, that running had bruised it or inflamed it and that something strange but minor had happened. So I self assigned myself a week with some anti-inflammatories, some ice, and no running.

I made sure to fill any time not spent running with extra biking and swimming, because that's obviously a good idea. My food must not have gotten the memo though, because it wasn't getting any better (so mysterious!) I was grateful to be going to see a doctor. Pains worry me, not because of the actual pain, which doesn't bother me very much, but because pain means something is WRONG.

The doctor I found is very nice, and is conveniently located 1 block from my office.

When I told her I had initially noticed the pain building during a run, she asked me if I was planning to run the Rock n Roll Half in a couple of weeks. I said ideally, but it wasn't looking so good. {I'm wondering if she's gotten an influx of crazy people with strange foot problems in the last week or two. Probably.} 

She was unable to come to a specific diagnosis, but there are a couple of things that might be causing the pain. She said considering I'd like to be able to run again like, tomorrow soon, she is going to take a conservative approach. She wanted me to wear this lovely stabilizing shoe for the next week anytime my foot hit the ground and to rest it.

These boots don't match.
Her: So, wear this terrible stabilizing shoe, try to limit walking, and add the anti-inflammatories back in twice a day. Ice if you feel like you need it. It can only help. Mainly, rest it. Do you have any questions?

Me: Can I swim?

Her: I think so, just don't push off the walls and if it bothers you when you are kicking or anything, stop.

Me: Can I bike? I mean, define "rest."

Her: (Laughing.) How about no biking for a week. How about, get a book or something? Rent a movie?

Me: Ok, you drive a hard bargain, but I agree to your terms, since you are so nice.

Her: Good, come back in a week and we'll see how you are doing.

I'm pretty sure that it's all in my head, but I have to say, my foot is feeling So Much Better after being out of real shoes and not bending much for a solid day (also: drugs.) I'm hoping she's on to something. I could still possibly run the race on the 17th, right? Maybe?


  1. Haaaa this was me after my heart surgery stuff. "Can I swim? Can I walk? can I hike?" and the doc was like "You can sit on the couch like a lazy American. That is what you can do"

    1. The only time I like sitting on the couch is after I've spent most of the day biking or running, or preferably both. I should use this downtime to work on my core strength, but who the hell wants to do that? Not this lazy American.

  2. Potential new memoir title: "Get a book or something" - hahaha - good luck with the recovery!

  3. I'M SO SORRY! Injuries are my worst fear - the only good thing about them is that they help you appreciate those weeks, months, years (?) when you're not injured. I could do without so much appreciation.

    And to answer your other question, I am watching Downton Abbey on Netflix streaming (I've heard rumors you can watch it directly from the PBS website, too). I am almost done with season 1, so they better have season 2 ready or this currently non-injured runner will very likely run herself into another stress fracture.

    Happy viewing!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that your foot injury hasn't gotten better. It sucks when injuries don't just miraculously heal themselves like they're supposed to. :) On the bright side, at least your stabilizing shoe is in a color that coordinates with your winter boots. It may not actually match, but at least the stabilizing shoe isn't some shade of navy blue that clashes with everything. I hope your foot feels better soon!

    1. Haha - thanks for the positive spin on the fashion aspect :) Hopefully I'll be back out there running with you soon!

  5. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your foot :( Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery.

  6. I know how this goes...I had foot surgery a couple years ago and my podiatrist was really strict on rest meaning actual "get a book and sit on your butt" rest.

    Your godawful shoe is so much better than my white walking boot though!

    Feel better soon :)