Saturday, February 12, 2011

A smile is a smile (7)

I found myself smiling today, 8.5 miles into a run, with another mile of serious hills to go before I could stretch, take a warm shower, and finally eat breakfast. I couldn't tell if I was sort of laughing at the ridiculousness of what I was doing - I mean, it was freezing out, my face was numb, my hips were screaming, and for the last 40 minutes I had been heading straight into a gnarly headwind. Or if I was I laughing at the insanity of what lays ahead for me this summer, when a 90 minute run will be nothing- 90 minutes will be an off week. Or could it be that I was actually enjoying myself?

Regardless, a smile is a smile and a run is a run and I did both before most people had their first cup of coffee this morning.

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