Thursday, March 10, 2011

Steroids (11)

I had an amazing run yesterday. This is not really that exciting, except that I've actually been sick, NEAR DEATH (ok, that's an exaggeration...) since FEBRUARY 14TH. I remember this date because I got sick when I was home visiting my one-year-old niece for her birthday. She was all sniffly, but still cute, and she helpfully wiped her face on my shirt several times. Oh, and gave me lots of kisses. Germ transfer: complete.

So, I returned home with that "it's going to hurt if i swallow" sore throat. I usually, luckily, can just ignore this and drink fluids and lay off the crazy workouts and feel better pretty quick. I think this time was payback for all of that easy livin.

The sore throat got so painful (and yes, my pain threshold is fairly high) that I went to the actual doctor. You don't have strep, she said. Go with advil cold and sinus, she said.

The following wednesday, I was back. I had turned my car around on my way in to a morning workout and admitted defeat. I couldn't take the pain, which had relocated itself to my sinus.

Let's fast forward here, because this story is getting boring, fast.

I counted. 5 different doctors visits. 6 different prescriptions. Various over the counter medicines. 1 trip to the urgent care. I took the last of my prescrptions yesterday. It just so happens, it was a steroid. Now, rememember how I said I had amazing run yesterday? Yeah.

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