Saturday, August 27, 2011

a little bit jealous

i've been reading lots of other people's blogs lately and really enjoying it. i dug this one up and realized, geez! there have been a lot of lost ideas and thoughts and funny musings! i'm really funny! but not to worry - a) i'm back and b) there's another ironman on the horizon. it's still a very tiny horizon, and the ironman is like a little dot and it's hard to see, even with bifocals, but it's out there, just like alaska is allegedly out there somewhere. i have no proof, and sometimes find it hard to believe, but people say it's true, so i'll just go along with it. for now.

today was a taper ride with the IMMOO girls. alejandro, another lake placidite, and i joined for fun and support, even though the weather was a bit suspect. we both owe these girls a lot - they trained with us, cheered for us, and made us sandwiches with love. they are amazing and they are all going to rock the course in wisconsin in a couple of weeks. they have NO IDEA how much fun they are going to have. but i do. and i'm secretly a little bit jealous.

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