Sunday, August 28, 2011

this is taking forever

we had a lovely little storm pass through the area last night and this morning. i really love being stuck in the house and forced to entertain myself. i look so forward to these storms. rain, snow, whatever, it's all good to me. my house usually gets really clean (like, eat off the floors clean) and i get caught up on reading, sleeping and googling things. it's awesome.

the storm cleared up and moved north this morning, leaving us with a gorgeous late summer afternoon. it's odd not to get up and work out first thing. add to that the oddness of not *needing* to get up or work out at all and i almost missed out on a really pretty afternoon for a run. it could have been a travesty. but it wasn't.

it wasn't The Best Run Ever though, noooo, far from it. it was painful. i was out of breath, thirsty, tired, and i wanted to complain, despite some good company. it wasn't painful because i'm injured. it was painful because, and this may be breaking news to some people, running is HARD. it's even harder when you haven't run for a while because you have been injured. i also expect that i'm still slowly coming back from that little race i did a month ago.

but, in my typical, "hmmm, in retrospect, that wasn't so bad" memory, it was pretty fun to be running again, even if it is taking forever to get back where i think i should be, running-wise. i'm hoping to be back in shape enough to do a olympic distace triathlon in october, meaning i'd need to be ok with running a 10k on tired legs. which, wow, that just seems sad from someone whose preference is running much farther after swimming and biking. but i'm trying to roll with it. and then, run with it. #triathletehumor

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