Thursday, September 22, 2011


my alarm went off this morning at 530 am. everything was lined up for a bike ride at hains point with a friend. tires pumped, breakfast stuff ready, bag packed with work clothes and more after work sportz clothes. instead of hitting snooze for 5 minutes to adjust to the idea of getting up, like i always do, i hit DISMISS. what is that??????? i never hit dismiss.

i woke u abruptly an hour later and wondered what time it was. yikes! 630! after realizing there was no good way to salvage the morning for sportz, i just went back to sleep for 30 minutes. i think my body was trying to tell me something. it was very clearly saying: shhhhhhhhhh. stop it with the sportz. i want a break. and i believe that when your body is trying to tell you something, it's always good to listen.

however, i've now had an extra *90* minutes of sleep (unheard of!) so tonight i'll make up for this morning's sportzFail with a quick swim and some body pump. then tomorrow morning, i can do a short run and then spinning with @emilysweats! #win-win-win-win dismiss button, you are dismissed. i'm back with the program.

and of no interest to anyone but me: i remembered bread today, so i won't have to eat a pile of turkey, tomatoes, avacados and cheese for lunch. i can actually stack them up neatly and cover them in carbs. #yaylunch

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