Friday, September 23, 2011

it didn't take

i got an idea today for how to award prizes in the off season tris. i won't give it all away, but a certain friend who will go by the name @plainiejanie and another certain friend who shall be called @emilysweats both claimed to be more sweaty after a certain particularly sweaty spinning class. i actually thought that i had won, based on the fact that every square inch of my body and the towel i brought into class was soaking wet, but both of those girls had puddles of sweat under their spin bikes. i'll have to try harder next time. gosh, makes you wonder why that room smells so bad. #notreally

i had hoped to go for a very short run after, purely because it sounded like fun, but as it turns out, i felt a little bit like death. #gettingbackinshapeishard

have you ever seen that seinfeld where george takes a shower and then immediately after finds himself still sweating? that was me. today's shower didn't cool me off. it didn't make me stop sweating. it didn't take. i was toweling off the entire time i tried to get ready. which didn't make me feel any less like death. so i put on a drywick shirt to wear until i got to the office, trying to prevent my work shirt from getting a) sweaty and b) rained on.

when i stopped down at the front desk of the y, the nice man at the front desk goes, wow, you really ARE dressing down today. i looked down at my outfit. a pacers half marathon shirt. brown pants. bright neon nikes. embarassing blue bike helmet. wet hair in a ponytail. i said, wait no! i'm just wearing my gym shirt because i thought it would be raining when i left. so my work shirt would stay dry. he was like, yeah, sure you are.

i have finally cooled off and stopped sweating, i'm wearing a jacket with my brown pants and work appropriate shoes, but my still wet hair is still pulled back and i just. don't. care.

speaking of - where can i find a job where neon nikes are work appropriate? because i'd like to apply.

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